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CREATE Arts Education

CREATE Arts Education Goal: Participants will use art to explore the meaning of their experiences as young women, will develop basic competency in writing, and be able to use art as a mechanism for healthy self-expression and academic success. Specific measures:

  1. Consciousness: Explore the meaning of creativity and artistic identity through workshops, field trips to performances, galleries, and museums.
  2. Context: Enhance understanding of the larger role and impact of women in art and the use of art toward social change.
  3. Competence:  Develop writing skills as a tool of self-expression and academic success; explore key poetic devices, book arts, spoken word performance, and ‘zines. Develop familiarity various artistic mediums including visual arts, performance, craft (?), and dance.
  4. Curiosity: Foster an attitude of curiosity about the world through creativity and art. Explore postsecondary and career options in the arts.
  5. Community: Engage in a collective artistic process and artistic critique; screen print posters, perform spoken work, create ‘zines or make a film to promote dialogue on issues relevant to youth