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ENVISION Career Exploration

ENVISION Career Exploration Goal: Participants will explore the experiences of women in the workplace and expand their career awareness and job readiness skills while developing an achievable next steps plan to support successful transitions from high school to college to career.

Specific measures:

  1. Consciousness: Gain greater awareness of personal skills, aptitudes, and areas of academic and vocational interests as well as building confidence in individual abilities and work performance.
  2. Context: Enhance exposure to career options, work environments, and educational pathways; enhance knowledge about larger issues affecting women of color in higher education and the workplace; and labor’s role in current economic forces.
  3. Competency: Develop job search and interviewing skills, professional communication skills, workplace advocacy skills, knowledge of postsecondary education, opportunities and funding options.
  4. Curiosity: Cultivate a sense open minded exploration and discovery of possibilities for their future.
  5. Community: Collaborate with diverse group of girls, and explore different job sites, meet professional women mentors, and practice job skills through community work.